Welcome to this magical place on Earth, the corner of the Mayan culture. A tiny spot in the  universe where we all become one with nature, where past and present meet; the ancient world of the Maya where warriors proved their courage in the old “juego de pelota” (mayan ball game) and claimed victory or defeat paying with the currency of their lives and our present world with our modern sport of Triathlon  where athletes engage in a different type of game but whose warrior spirits resemble those of the great Maya. 

When Ahau Ti created this part of the cosmos he must have been deeply inspired, for he replicated Paradise on Earth. 


First leg of the race, the swim. Battlefield: water.

Water in this region has a magical spell. The tones of turquoise blue and multiple shades of green are imprinted in the soul forever, it captures your heart and resounds in your memory with a name: Mexico, always Mexico. To swim and race in this water reminds us of those rituals of life, purification and sacrifice the Maya performed thousands of years ago. Warriors for the conquest of water.


Warriors engage in the next battle, this time against the wind.

The second part of the journey takes place in the wind, on a machine so modern yet its only engine is the human body, no trace of energy other than that of muscles, lungs and the human spirit. Our gaze into the Mayan past shows us the wind as the snail’s breath; the first breath of life and the very last exhalation before passing to the Underworld. An athlete on a bike, cutting through the wind, infusing it with life and magic, a battle on wheels, getting ready for the last stage to take place in the earth.


The last stage of battle: the run.

The athlete comes to terms with the earth, gives back in spirit and sweat, in heartbeats and lungs, all that he/she has borrowed from it. It is time to run to the finish, run or be defeated, run and be king. Strength comes from within and from underneath the feet. The army of competitors reminisce  those mayan souls who were warriors without weapons, warriors of the mind and of knowledge in search of a conquest of a better world to come. The athlete reminds us of the noble yet brave spirit of the maya.

The race, our triathlon race, is one in search of perfection of the mind and body. Just as the ancient maya did before us. The search for perfection by perseverance and determination.


The creator of the island, the symbol of this noble battle between athletes, sends a message out: the finish line is waiting for you in Cozumel.

Our race will be unforgettable, such is the effect that this magical land will have on all.

Cozumel, México 2016…forever in your memory.